Zelda 4" x 4" Square Authentic Zellige Tile

$25.95 / sq. ft.
/ per carton (5.382 sq. ft.)

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Images and product samples are representative of a product’s potential characteristics. There is no guarantee that the sample product or images will 100% match the product received. Field and trim tile may not be an exact match. We reserve the right to make changes to product specifications at any time without notice. Tiles are subject to variations in color, shade, sizing, surface texture and finish. Prior to installation, installer must blend tiles from several different boxes to achieve an even distribution of color range. Installer must conduct a dry mock layout under proper lighting conditions prior to installation. It is the consumer’s responsibility to inspect the product prior to installation to ensure satisfaction.

As Zellige Tile, Zel should not be installed in pools, spas or any surface that is continually exposed to
Zellige Tile should not be installed in exterior areas that experience freeze thaw conditions.

• Lime pops are an inherent characteristic of authentic Moroccan Zellige and are not considered a defect.
Actually, they enhance the beauty and traditionality of these completely authentic tile materials.
• Lime pops are divots in the surface of the tile caused by lime deposits in the body that expand and rupture the
• Tiles with lime pops can be installed and the hole filled with grout during installation.
• From time to time, lime pops can even occur after installation. It’s just a natural effect and grout can be applied
to cover over the divot and sealer can also be applied.
• If customer doesn’t want to see lime pops, they should order minimum 20% overage to select material.
However, because lime pops can occur after installation this is not a guarantee of avoiding them completely.

Care Instructions

Ceramic tiles exhibit exceptional durability and require minimal upkeep. Routine cleaning of typical household spills can be effortlessly accomplished by employing a mop, warm water, and a pH neutral cleaning agent. It is imperative to refrain from utilizing acid-based cleaners and abrasive chemicals, as they are unsuitable for this purpose.